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Joining from Abroad

Joining from Abroad

Students who have joined us from abroad describe their experience at The Bridge.


“I have always been drawn to London, so when I decided to become an actor it was a natural choice for me to look at an education in England. And I cannot stress enough how amazing my first year at The Bridge has been. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of an international acting career. As the European market is becoming more and more integrated having an English-speaking qualification to your name will give you a good head start in your future career and open a lot of doors whether you stay in the UK or decide to travel to other countries later on.

Though coming from a different culture has sometimes given rise to some interesting situations. But coming from another country also means you can bring something new to your fellow students and it creates a good dynamic in the group.

So if you are from abroad do not hesitate to apply to The Bridge – London is without a doubt the theatre capital of Europe and the place to be whether you are into acting for stage, the big screen or TV.”

Nadia Bond
2 year Professional Acting Course Graduate