Songs For The Bridge

Over the past 25 years actors, singers, and musicians at The Bridge have created a wide range of original music for our productions. From the jazzy, sexy 40s night club of the song for Mariana in Measure To Measure to the highly charged folk rock protest song created...
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Melodrama 2017

Melodrama Show Directed by Mark Akrill Ladies & Gentlemen, they lied to you. They told you melodrama was bad acting, stories that were over the top and ridiculous. It is nothing of the sort. Melodrama is life and death. It is the province of heroes. The Bridge’s...
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Animal Show

Animal show - Friday 1st December 2017 Wander in and out as you please as our new site in Camden is turned into a zoo with our actors appearing as tigers, snakes, gorillas, lizards, bats, penguins and many more over a 3 hour period. You may feed the animals...
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