‘The Bridge is a place for hope and dreams to become reality and we will take that company spirit with us wherever we go.’ Graduating Year 2010

On successfully completing your training you will be considered for employment on productions and workshop programmes with The Bridge’s professional company. In addition, there are many other professional companies made up of Bridge graduates who have gone on to perform in theatres across London and on national and international tours.

After you have graduated from The Bridge we will still be available for:

  • Advice
  • References
  • Rehearsal and preparation for auditions
  • Help with contracts
  • Contacts with other industry professionals
  • Career guidance

… all at no extra cost.

The professional company

Over the years we have directly employed Bridge graduates in a variety of capacities. For example, our professional company staged ‘Fatale’ at The Bridewell Theatre with a cast of fifteen, seven of whom we had trained. We are committed to producing high-quality theatre and to promoting the careers of those who train with us.