The Bridge is a place for hopes and dreams to become reality.’ Libby Edwards, Graduate

The Bridge was established in 1993 by Judith Pollard, Mark Akrill and other directors, actors, choreographers and musicians who felt strongly that drama courses were too often prohibitively expensive.

The aim was simple: to make the highest level of actor training accessible to all, to produce actors from a mix of social and cultural backgrounds and, by doing so, to enrich the theatre, radio, film and television.

The Bridge is located in the heart of London’s Camden Town. 

Our production venues include The Criterion, The Fortune, The Ambassadors, Chelsea Theatre, Ovalhouse, and The Cockpit.

Graduates from past years regularly return to work with us, rehearse for auditions, attend events, and catch up with news. Our history is, of course, still being written. Come and be a part of it.

An Overview

We’re a non-profit making company providing training of the highest quality from actors, directors, performers, musicians and choreographers working at the top of the industry. Because we are an educational charity, many services are donated to The Bridge so you pay less for your training. Once you graduate we will continue to work with you, providing everything from advice on contracts to industry contacts, and from help preparing for auditions to opportunities to work with us in a professional context.

Our Approach

We do not see actors as machines. Instead, we give them an approach to acting and a method that they can use independently, and that they can extend for themselves.

We place the actor’s own creativity at the heart of theatre training, encouraging in people a strong sense of the importance of a company and of theatre as a collaborative process.

Support The Bridge 

The Bridge Theatre Training Company is an educational charity. The Bridge has given people chances that they would never otherwise have had and genuinely changed lives. We have been able to support people – sometimes employ them – long after their graduation.