Full Time Courses

Two Year Professional Acting Course

One Year Postgraduate/Post Experience Professional Acting Course 

To gain a place on these full-time courses you will need to attend a free live audition or submit an online video audition.

 Applications are still open for Autumn 2022 entry 

Live auditions

The audition is held in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and lasts from 10.00am – 5.00pm with breaks, giving you the opportunity to work with us.

Our past students have told us how much they enjoyed their audition day and how valuable the experience was. There is always a positive element to the outcome of the audition – either selection for the course or guidance on other options that will be open to you.

Individual audition

We ask you to learn and perform two speeches of 2–3 minutes from published plays. You should aim to show us contrasting emotions in your speeches. Choose a character or characters you would like to play on stage and read the whole play so that you can understand the context and character you are playing.

Treat the audition as a rehearsal. Don’t feel that you won’t be selected unless you give a perfect performance. We are looking for imagination and promise – not perfection at this stage. Try to relax and enjoy your time with us. Please bring copies of your speeches with you to the audition.

You may perform speeches from Shakespeare if you would like to, but there is no requirement to do so.

Group workshop

Acting games, exercises and improvisations. No preparation is necessary for this part of the audition. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and trainers or flat shoes.

Group chat

A chance for us to discover your interests and talents and for you to ask us more about the course.

Online audition

Since the pandemic we’ve introduced online video auditions. It’s the same individual audition and we ask you to record the two speeches that you would have performed at the live audition.

You should also record a statement as to why you want to do this course, outline your acting experience and tell us something about yourself.

Send to us via WeTransfer or send us a link to Vimeo or Youtube.

Application Process

There are no formal entry requirements. Entry is by audition, and candidates must not only have acting ability but also the level of commitment necessary to become a professional actor.

After submitting an application form online, you should hear back within three working days and we will provide you with information about the audition process.

If you have any queries before applying, please call us on 020 7424 0860 or email us at admin@thebridge-ttc.org

“The audition day was unlike any other. You felt like an individual and the energy and passions that went into it was fantastic. This carried on throughout the whole length of the course.”
Elisabeth Angharad, Graduate