By William Shakespeare 

Direction by Mark Akrill


“He thinks – nay, with all confidence he swears – that you have touched his queen forbiddenly.” 


King Leontes and Queen Hermione head the passionate and elegant Sicillian court. 

Leontes and King Polixenes of Bohemia are like brothers, but as Leontes watches his pregnant Queen entertaining their guest, he becomes convinced he has been betrayed.  His best friends are traitors, his wife a whore, the child she carries a bastard.

The Queen is put on trial for adultery and high treason and the newborn girl abandoned on a remote mountainside in Bohemia while a storm rages.

However, fate intervenes.  The baby girl is found and reared by an old shepherdess.  Sixteen years later Perdita, as the infant was called, falls in love with Florizel, the Prince of Bohemia (and Polixenes’ son).  Her destiny leads her back to Sicilia and the father she never knew existed…

A dark and inspired journey through sexual jealousy, madness, obsession, loss and ultimate redemption.


Weds 19th Feb, Thurs 20th Feb, Fri 21st Feb, Sat 22nd Feb

Weds 26th Feb, Thurs 27th Feb, Fri 28th Feb, Sat 29th Feb 

All Performances At 7.15pm

Tickets £12 – £9 Concessions  

At The Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone