Training Professional Actors

Since 1993

‘The moment I walked through the doors of The Bridge I knew I’d found my new home. It helped me to find who I really am.’ Suzanne Estevez Graduate

Two Year Professional Acting Course

A two year intensive training for a professional acting career. The minimum age is 18 and there is no upper age limit.

The course includes comprehensive career guidance and a graduating season of public productions in London theatres, with a West End showcase at the Criterion Theatre in front of agents, directors and casting directors.

One Year Postgraduate/Post Experience Professional Acting Course

Training for a professional acting career for those who already have a degree (not necessarily in Drama) or for those who have Drama or related experience. The minimum age is 21 and there is no upper age limit.

Postgraduate students begin individual programmes relating to their needs in voice, movement and auditioning at an early stage. Career-related studies are offered throughout the course to prepare you for entry into the profession.

What’s covered On both courses


You will explore a variety of acting styles, gain an understanding of the rehearsal process, and acquire extensive performance skills. Modern and Classical plays; scenes and audition pieces are studied, rehearsed, and performed through group and one-to-one teaching. For these classes, all students are given an individual programme of work tailored to their particular needs.

Voice & Speech

Relaxation and breathing, projection and clarity – you will learn how to use your ‘whole voice’ and to develop expressiveness, power and subtlety. Classical text and verse speaking are studied and you will work on a range of accents and dialects.


Develops your physical expressiveness, fitness, and spatial awareness. You will be introduced to stage movement, study human and animal movement. Physical theatre. You will learn to use your whole body in performance and to be highly responsive to your fellow actors. Mime, clown, commedia dell’arte, melodrama, and mask can be included in this area.

Musical Theatre

Anyone who can speak can learn to sing – it is essential for the actor’s training and hugely enjoyable. You will work on performance skills and technique; musical theatre styles are studied and a range of musical skills are developed. work in a variety of dance styles. Period movement is studied in depth. No previous dance experience is necessary.

Shakespeare & Classical

The initial emphasis is on workshops that make the text more accessible, whatever your level of experience. Improvisation, physical techniques, paraphrase, and acting games are used. Detailed studies of the social, historical, and intellectual background of the plays lead to exercises and final productions.


Screen & Radio Acting

You will work with experienced actors and directors on acting for camera and for microphone. The technical demands of each medium are examined in both practical classes and projects. As well as being taught about screen acting, students will also be given the chance to record their own showreel.

Stage combat

Both armed and unarmed combat are studied. A range of fighting styles is explored and the work is integrated into productions. Graduating students will take the Academy of Performance Combat Fight Performance Exam.

Professional Studies

Preparing you for entry to the profession, Equity and Spotlight representatives, agents, directors and casting directors work with you to launch your career. Everything from identifying where your casting potential lies to dealing with tax, and from CVs and photographs to Equity membership is covered.


A thorough introduction to this essential skill, working with some of the leading figures in the field. Develop creativity and the ability to go with the flow.

Text Analysis

How can we read actively and translate what we read into dramatic action? These sessions train our imagination in new ways. Develop sight reading skills. Extra help available for those with dyslexia.